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Fall Prevention 101: 5 Things a Safety Manager Should Be Looking At

Posted on April 16, 2018

Fall Prevention 101: 5 Things a Safety Manager Should Be Looking At

Falls are the leading cause of deaths on construction sites. It doesn’t matter how well versed everyone on the job site is, it’s still possible for this type of accident to take place. However, there are steps that safety managers can take to prevent falls. Read on to learn five tips and then contact Grove Hardware if you need help with any type of job site supplies, including safety supplies.

  1. There are overlooked risks to keep an eye on
  2. One of the first things a safety manager should do is to make sure that they’re aware of the commonly overlooked fall risks. There are a number of reasons that certain risks can be overlooked, including the fact that standards are often hard to interpret, every job site is unique, and every worker is unique. This is why it’s up to the safety manager to review safety procedures not just once a year or once a month, but on each job. Individual risks for a specific job must be found in order to reduce the risk of falls.

  3. Keep an eye on rooftop edge applications
  4. Anytime you have workers that are working less than six feet from the edge of the roof, then more than a railing is necessary. There are many potential hazards on a roof, including debris, skylights, rain, holes, snow, and wind. You need the right anchors and the right harnesses and lifelines. A warning line is required at six feet to act as a warning that a worker’s coming up to an unprotected edge.

  5. Make sure you have the appropriate warning signage
  6. OSHA requires hazard areas to have warning signs and to be barricaded. In fact, the more clearly you communicate to workers that there’s a danger, the safer they’ll be. Don’t assume that a worker is aware of dangers. Post signs anywhere that they need fall protection or where there are hidden dangers they should be aware of. Workers can become complacent as time goes on – signs can help keep them focused.

  7. Protect employees when they’re on the skylight
  8. It’s common for workers to feel safe on skylight zones and assume that they can handle their weight. This is not always true. Domes are generally made from either glass or plastic and can’t stop a worker’s fall. If a worker needs to do maintenance on a roof, we suggestion guardrails, nets, and / or covers to prevent accidents.

  9. High objects
  10. The third leading cause of deaths at the workplace is employees coming into contact with objects or equipment that are at a high height. It’s important to have tools secured to keep them from falling to lower levels. There are many ways to secure tools, including debris nets, tool lanyards, canopies, toe boards, and catch platforms.

No matter what tools or materials you need to keep your employees and subcontractors safe, Grove Hardware has it for you. Feel free to call us at 909-544-4331 for more information or stop by our location at your convenience.

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