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Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA

Get Your Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA at Grove Construction Hardware

Having a continuous load path from the foundation to the roof is essential for the stability of any wood-framed building. Without it, the building can easily suffer deformation, story drift, and even shear wall overturning from shrinkage, settling, wind, and earthquake forces. Fortunately, using a Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA offers an ideal solution.

Benefits of the Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA

The Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA is a simple, efficient solution for transferring tension forces to the foundation. It was the first system in the industry to provide a continuous load path that actually adjusts to changes in the building’s structure to deliver tight connections for the life of the building. This is accomplished using a CNX Cinch Nut that can actually “travel” on a threaded rod.

Because Zone 4 Tie Down runs are engineered for maximum material and labor efficiency, they are the most economical solution in the industry. Quality is not sacrificed however–they still meet building codes nationwide.

We Have All the Parts You Need for a Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA

Whether you need to attach to wood or steel, we have the parts you need to create a strong Zone 4 Tie Down System in Corona CA. This includes:

  • Cinch Nuts
  • Bearing Plate Washers
  • Z-Rods
  • Couplers
  • Anchor Ties
  • Compression Ties
  • Tension Ties

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