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Structural Connectors in Fontana CA

Structural connectors

Contractors can get quality structural connectors in Fontana CA from Grove Construction Hardware

Without the right structural connectors in Fontana CA, you risk creating a structure that may be dangerously unsound or in violation of building codes. Grove Construction Hardware can help you find the high-quality structural connectors you need to successfully complete your project, whether it involves new construction or renovation of an existing structure. We have many different types of connectors, including:

  • Straps
  • Ties
  • Girder Hangers
  • Truss Braces
  • Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors
  • USP Structural Connectors

Choosing the Right Structural Connectors in Fontana CA

Often, the choice of which type of structural connectors in Fontana CA to use will be made for you, as this is often specified in the building plan. For smaller projects or custom building plans, you may wish to use software provided by connector manufacturers to make your selection. In either case, you will still need to choose the right brand, material, and finish for your connectors. At Grove Construction Hardware, we have a nice selection of structural connectors that can resist corrosion, including ones that utilize a sacrificial layer of zinc and ones protected by USP’s Gold Coat technology. If you need help choosing your connectors or want to learn more about the benefits offered by a top brand like USP, please don’t hesitate to ask one of our expert staff members.

Why Buy From Grove Construction Hardware

At Grove Construction Hardware, we carry a huge variety of construction hardware and supplies besides structural connectors in Fontana CA. This means we are able to provide one-stop shopping for virtually all of your construction hardware needs. In addition to the connectors themselves, we can also provide just about any other type of fasteners or tools you may to install them, as well as building materials and safety equipment. With our help, you can get the supplies you need to keep your construction project on time and on budget. Please contact us to learn more or to place an order.

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