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Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA

Looking for the Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA? Come to Grove Construction Hardware.

The traditional answer to the threats posed to building stability by wind and earthquake forces has been connectors (straps, hurricane ties, and holdowns). This can work fine for one-story or even two-story wood-framed buildings. However, mid-rise wood-framed buildings with 3 to 6 stories need additional support in order to create the continuous load path to the foundation that is necessary for safety and stability. This is why continuous rod tie down systems like the Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA have become so popular.

Protect Against Shearwall Overturning with the Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA

The Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA consists of a combination of rods, coupler nuts, bearing plates, and take-up devices that serve to address the many factors associated with shearwall overturning, such as:

  • Rod elongation
  • Wood shrinkage
  • Construction settling
  • Shrinkage compensating device deflection
  • Incremental loads
  • Cumulative tension loads
  • Anchorage

When used in conjunction with a Simpson Strong-Tie Uplift Restraint System for roofs, the Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA can also deliver protection against uplift forces.

A Proven & Economical Solution

The Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Tie Down System has been engineered and tested to a high quality standard and at the manufacturer’s state-of-the-art accredited labs, so you can trust it to perform as promised in your application. It’s easy to install an Anchor Tie Down System in Ontario CA so you can use this solution without sacrificing efficiency or increasing labor costs.

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