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Simplifying the Job Site Supply List: What Do You Need to Hang Drywall?

Posted on February 6, 2018

Simplifying the Job Site Supply List: What Do You Need to Hang Drywall?

Drywall is one of the most popular indoor finishes in the United States and most construction companies feel as though they can hang drywall with their eyes close. While it may be something you’ve done a million times before, remember that this can make it harder to explain to a new worker. You may find gathering tools and installing the drywall to be a routine process but be unable to accurately come up with a list of job site supplies and tools it requires. That’s what Grove Hardware is here for. Keep reading to learn exactly what’s needed to hang drywall.

A good utility knife

You’ll be using this more than anything else, so make sure that it’s sold, good, and sharp. It should also be a god fit for your hand. Some people appreciate a utility knife that folds similar to a jackknife, because it’s easy to drop this type of knife into a pocket or to clip it to a tool belt.

A drywall T

It’s common for most construction workers to always have a carpenter’s square on them, but that’s of limited use when it comes to drywall. Why? Because it can only reach about two feet. On the other hand, a drywall T is capable of reaching one side to the other for a full four-feet. This makes long cuts easier – and more accurate.

A chalk line

Many walls are out of square or otherwise have issues that make it very hard to cut an angle for the layout process. Having a chalk line makes this much easier. However, we recommend that you stick with a non-permanent blue chalk. This helps to ensure that you don’t have red bleeding through your final paint job yet it’s still easy to see.

A carpenter’s pencil and outlet marker

A pencil is essential for any job, especially drywall. Whether you want to write down what you need at the store, you need to make measurements, or you need to doodle a plan, a pencil is necessary. Likewise, an outlet marker, which allows you to market outlets when there’s a close fit, is essential. If you don’t have an outlet market handy, grab a tube of cheap lipstick – it’ll work just as well.

Drill fasteners

If you’re using a nail then you’ll likely need to repair those aggravating nail pops later on down the line. Using drywall screws makes the process much simpler, and even simpler is a one-handed with a screw-holding sleeve. We can help with all types of anchors, fasteners, and much more.

Turn to us for all your construction and job site needs

No matter if you’re hanging drywall or installing a roof, we are here to help. Feel free to stop by Grove Hardware during our convenient business hours or call us at 909-544-4331 if you have any questions. Our number one goal is your total satisfaction.

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